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The Nelson Photo News




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Diamond–Sua-Folasa. At the Nile Street Presbyterian Church, Nelson, Maria, daughter of Mr and Mrs Sua-Folasa, Apia, Western Samoa, to Roy Lewis, son of Mrs A. Diamond, Hastings Street, Nelson, and the late Mr L. Diamond. The attendants are Leslie Diamond, Nelson, brother of the groom (best man), Luana Ate, Auckland, aunt of the bride (chief maid), Lemmy Siloa, Bluff, uncle of the bride, Mrs Ana Cato, Nelson, cousin of the bride, Vern Osbourne, Nelson, and Pamela Diamond, Nelson, sister of the groom. Future home, Nelson. (Rod Neill Studio)


Weber–Johnston. At St. Cuthbert's Church, Collingwood, Sandra, daughter of Mr and Mrs Johnston, Rockville, to Warren Weber, of Gympie, Queensland. The attendants are Paul Johnston, brother of the bride, Ashley Nell (best man) Pauline Solly (chief maid) and Margaret Brew. The flower-girls are Sharon and Linda Johnston, sisters of the bride. Future home, Queensland. (B.I. Reilly, Takaka)