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The Nelson Photo News



Roving Camera


The last phase in the felling and removal of the two big bluegum trees on Church Hill facing Nile Street, was completed when both were uprooted and dumped.


This new bulb piler at work on the site of the Ministry of Works new workshops and offices in Rutherford Street, provoked a lot of interest. A dry concrete mixture is rammed down a long spout and spreads out under pressure at the required depth. Natural moisture in the earth solidifies the mix in a bulb shape. The mix is still rammed as the spout is withdrawn, to give a pile with an excellent foundation. This same system was used on piles at the cotton mill site.


A class in the Nelson Motor Cycle Club's training school receives Instruction from Traffic Officer T. R. Hoskin and chief instructor George Wedekind (centre standing). By graduating from this school, motor-cyclists can cut the period of their L plate licence from six month to six weeks.