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The Nelson Photo News



Roving Camera


For the third time in succession, the Nelson, Marlbo-rough and West Coast Regiment has won the Royal Irish Fusiliers and Allied Regiments' small bore shooting trophy, to give the regiment its fifth win in six years. Seven allied regiments compete. Team, at back, is Cpl. Peter Nicholas, Sgt. Roger Biggs, L/C Ian McIntyre, L/C Bryan Champmn; front, Lt.Col. D. H. Blyth (commanding officer), S/Sgt. Rodney Evans, 2nd.Lt. L. Hoby.


A freak bough on one of the lime trees fronting Central School has for many years been in full leaf long before any of the other trees get theirs.


Launched during the month at Monaco was 37th launch, Sea Queen, built and owned by Richmond father and son, George and Frank Hawkins.