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Vintage cars, vintage cars! The place was crawling with them. So this month we feature a few of the oldtimers which visited us. Top Left–This 1914 Delage roadster is owned by Mr W. D. Read of Dunedin. It has a 10hp side valve engine with the mani­fold in the block and a four speed gear box. Top Right–A 1910 Sunbeam Talbot and Darracq is the pride and joy of Mr Trevor Witte of Christchurch. Bottom Left–­This 1911 Renault Charabanc could be the oldest fully licensed passenger vehicle in the world. It was restored by the Auckland Vintage Car Club over seven years as a weekly club project. It seats 12 and is capable of 25 mph. Bottom Right–­From Sydney is this 1909 four cylinder Max­well owned by Stan Rumble.

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Back Cover. Top Left – This 1907 Sizaire Naudin, owned by R. S. Turnbull of Christchurch, was photo­graphed at the Le Mans event. Top Right–Vic Jacobs brought his 1913 Fronty Ford over from Sydney. Bottom Left–The 1923 Type B Bugatti with Hamish Moffatt of England at the wheel competes in the 24-­hour Le Mans. Bottom Right–And here we have M. G. Mehrtens 1910 Sunbeam Talbot.