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The Nelson Photo News





Wilson–Muncaster. Susan Brenda, daughter of Mr and Mrs R. R. Muncaster, 114 Waimea Road, Nelson, to Lawrence Ashton, son of Mr and Mrs R. L. Wilson, 3 Palm Avenue, Stoke. (Cooper-Sharp).


Silcock–Robertson. Jean Margaret, daughter of Mr and Mrs W. A. Robertson, 61 Stanley Crescent, Nelson, to Claude Robert, son of Mr and Mrs C. W. Silcock, Takaka. (Cooper-Sharp).

This resource is not available online

Mead–Greig. Chris, daughter of Mr and Mrs W. K. Greig, Richmond, to Harvey, son of Mr and Mrs R. F. Mead, 45 Gladstone Road, Richmond. (Rod Neill Studio).


Sutton–Polglase. Jocelyn Clare, daughter of N. E. Polglase, 105 Hill Street, Richmond, to Murray Bevan, son of R. T. Sutton, "Viewlands, " Mapua.(Cooper-Sharp).


Baird–Ashwell. Sally Ann, daughter of Charles Ashwell, 105 Songer Street, Stoke, to Ken, son of Raymond Baird, 25 Gilbert Street, Richmond. (Cooper-Sharp).