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The Nelson Photo News



Tri - Y Walkabout

Hundreds of people turned out in support of the three local Y.M.C.A's and walked the 20-odd miles from Nelson to Richmond (or the equivalent) and back in the Tri-Y Walkabout. By the end of the walk there were many sore feet, blisters and aching muscles from the unaccustomed activity but the Y.M.C.A's benefited.

Main Picture: Prominent Y.M.C.A. offical Kelvin Gay surges on under Ford Power on the return trip along the Richmond-Stoke straight Right - Operating a walking radio link was 2ZN technician Sheng Yee.


President of the Y's Men's Club Cyril Martin has his sore feet attended to by St John Ambulance man Trevor Gill


There'd be a few dollars riding on this group - George Truman (Nelson Jaycee) Graeme Todd (Y's Men's) and Bishop P. E. Sutton


Blistered feet did not stop Leanne Farquhar (Stoke) and Christine Borlase (Hope)