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The Nelson Photo News



Happy Occasions


Married. Wineera-Harvey. At St Michael's All Angels Anglican Church, Kelburn, Janet Barbara, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs B. Harvey, Stoke, to Raymond, son of Mrs and the late Mr J. Wineera, Wellington. Future home, Taupo.


Married. Divehall-Lilly. The South Yarra Presbyterian Church, Melbourne, was the venue for the wedding of Barbara Ruth, daughter of Mr and Mrs R. A. Lilly, Nelson, to Christopher Dean, sor of Mr and Mrs K. L. Divehall, Palmerston North. The attendants are Joan Lilly, Melbourne (formerly of Nelson) and John Stewart, Melbourne. Future home, Melbourne.

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Married. Mckenzie-Rodley. Shirley, daughter of Mr and Mrs C. H. Rodley, 76 William Street, Richmond, to Bill, son of Mr and the late Mrs R. M. McKenzie, Invercargill. Future home, Nelson. (Rod Neill Studio).