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The Nelson Photo News



The Teams

Nelson Bays-Marlborough: L. C. Sparks, T. W. Mitchell, R. G. Bowater, G. C. Ross, J. T. Gleeson, A. M. Goddard, R. J. May, B. C. Grant, J. P. Allan, R. S. Sutherland (captain), R. P. Dickson, A. R. Sutherland, B. F. Smith, T. W. Forrest, J. W. Joseph.

Lions: R. Hiller, T. G. R. Davies, J. S. Spencer, C. W. W. Rea, A. G. Biggar, C. M. H. Gibson (captain), R. Hopkins, W. J. McBride, P. J. Dixon, M. G. Roberts, G. L. Brown, D. L. Quinnell, J. F. Lynch, F. A. L. Laidlaw, J. McLauchlan.

Referee: Mr R. C. Fenton (Otago).


Ray Sutherland (between the legs of Lion No, 15, Bob Hiller) scores the second try for Combined


Whoomphl Combined winger Terry Mitchell slams a solid tackle into Lions second five-eighth Chris Rea


All Black loose forward Alan Sutherland does not look too happy at the bottom of this ruck


This was the try that started the ball rolling for Combined. John Allan, Combined flanker, ploughs over in the corner and Peter Dixon (No. 7) arrived too late to stop him