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Dangerous Corner, Or Silly Drivers?

There have been quite a few accidents near the intersection of Beach and Golf Roads and the road leading into the Tahuna Beach camp. But what causes them?

What constitutes a dangerous corner, and is a corner only as dangerous as it is made by those who negotiate it? The corner, photographed here, is fairly sharp and cannot be negotiated at high speed. It has claimed a fair proportion of those who tried to, apparently. Mr M. E. Hill who lives near the section of the road has witnessed a number of accidents, and a fence near his place, which borders the camp ground, has been ploughed into by a few cars.


Looking along Beach Road to Golf Road (to the left) and the camp road. Should an island be placed here to help control or direct traffic?


Mr Hill stands beside the wire fence, which is a consistent traffic victim


This car has negotiated the bend safely. Some don't, but they are usually travelling a good deal faster


Alistair Murdock and Ivan Coleman (assistant camp manager) recently cleared trees from the corner of the camp road, to give better visibility. But are more steps needed to increase safety here?