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The Nelson Photo News



Jaycee Luau Was Too Much

Nelson Jaycee really turned it on as part of the programme for the national Jaycee executive meeting.

The Celtic Rugby Club's hall reverberated to the hand-clapping of more than 200 guests as a group consisting of Big Ben Hippolite and his Maori mates provided an exciting performance.

"Photo News" arrived and immediately a courteous official approach. "Drink?" "No thanks, working". "Righteo, she's all yours".

This last bit was yelled as the performance up front really got under way. The audience was wildly enthusiastic and the front row nearly erupted when a solid warrior leapt off the stage into the crowd. Too much.

An invitation to join the entertainers was accepted by a large group and a chick in black really wowed 'em. It wasn't exactly a haka she did but it was wild. Overall, probably one of the best "do's" in ole Nelson town for some time.


This could be the Volga boat song or canoeing down the Waikato. Whichever, it was popular except the skipper, up front, appears ready to go down with the craft


National president of Jaycee, Brian Mills, Nelson, and his wife, Jan, look happy. But then, who wasn't?


Give us a kiss. Not likely Mac, but you look lovely. Mac Mclsaac and his wife, Lois, and Deidre Ashcroft, were part of the front row crowd


Pakehas mix it with the Maoris and everyone, seems to be enjoying the "musical"efforts of Sam Taylor, second right, and that looks like Mac again with his hands in the air. Great stuff