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The Trafalgar Centre was born as a Jaycee project. That was in about April, 1962. Nelson Jaycee called a public meeting in September of that year and, from that well-attended gathering, a committee with representatives of organisations concerned with the city was formed. Included on the committee were service organisations, the P.R.O., Chamber of Commerce, Provincial Progress League, City Council and the Nelson MP, Stan Whitehead. Principal task of that body was finding ways and means of financing the project and it was six years before an operable fund-raising scheme was devised. The biggest fund-raising venture and canvassing of Nelson began in 1968. The basis of the scheme was a five-year pledge and a gross $153,000 was promised. To date, there is $71,000 of that in hand but with the cost of the appeal, $15,000, deducted it leaves a nett $56,000 and $82,000 to come. Siting also posed a problem for the committee and several recommendations were made to the Council. An area north of Trafalgar Park was favoured by the committee but, through this, the motorway was to run. After a stormy period, the No.2 ground at Trafalgar Park was named as the site. BUT, a rugby union lease applied to that ground, rendering it unavailable. Attention switched to Rutherford Park. And that's where it is going to be built. Or is it? As this goes to press the Tahuna Back Beach is being investigated as a possible site.


Trafalgar Centre committee chairman, Brian Mills. A lot of emotion has come into argument opposing the centre


Mayor Trevor Home speaking at a public meeting on the centre; You, sir, will pay about 80 cents extra a year


A section of those who attended the recent public meeting