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The Nelson Photo News



Old Nelson captured on film

From time to time we will be publishing photographs of Old Nelson under the by-line of K. Brown. Using a Kodak camera Miss Kathleen Brown, now Mrs K. M. Butters, recorded many of the happenings and sights early this century and most of her photographs are excellent. She developed and printed her own work and though some of her prints have faded the negatives are still in good condition. Mrs Butters' is a true Nelsonian. Her mother's people arrived here on the Fifeshire and her father's came on the Philip Laing. Her mother was born in Waimea West and Thomas Brown was born in 1849 in a house on Rocks Road which was built by the resident magistrate, Mr Thompson, who was killed in the Wairau incident. The Browns owned Mamaku in Washington Valley and seven acres of the property was given Thomas Brown by his father as a wedding present about 100 years ago. It remained in the family until about nine years ago.


Mrs K. M. Butters (nee Kathleen Brown) whose work appears on this page and the next. Here Mrs Butters relaxes near the Flora Hut. On this occasion she reached the hut by Landrover. In her younger days she tramped in the area.


This photograph was taken of Washington Valley from the back of Mamaku, the back of which is in the right foreground. In the middle is the homestead, Mount Vernon, and the large hedge traversing the area at the left is the border of the Mount Vernon property. In contrast to the native cabbage trees in the foreground are the exotic trees in the background, prominent of which are the line of bluegums which dominate the skyline



The old Trafalgar Street footbridge taken from Grove Street. In the background is the Post Office and clock tower. To reach Trafalgar Park by vehicle in those days one would have to cross the Colfingwood Street bridge


This view of the banks of the Matai River was taken from Grove Street between the Trafalgar and Collimgwood Street bridges