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The Nelson Photo News



Salmon Survey In The Pelorus

Dr Edwin Slack, seen left holding Coho or Silver Salmon at University of Washington hatchery, wants to transplant this species to the Sounds. Team from Marlborough and Nelson assisted in survey to establish suitability of Pelorus River and tributaries. Indications of success for transplant were extremely promising. Resolution passed by survey party called for early acclimatisation of these fine game fish.


Marlborough Catchment Board assisted with hydrological assessment. Nev. Smith (above) measures the "cusecs" in a tributary


Collecting stream bed fauna samples in Tinlines creek. Excellent spawning gravel shows in this picture. (All photos by Dr Slack).



J. Kelly (Marlborough Harbour Board), G. Webb (Pelorus Boat Club), and Ray Collett (Nelson Accl. Soc.) count insect larvae in one square foot of stream bed sample. Food for salmon abounds.


Electric fishing machine operated by Des Turner and Martin Beam of Marine Department catches mainly eels. Trout were scarce indicating room for additional game fish transplants