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The Nelson Photo News



Gladstone Cup Hockey

(Photos: Graeme Bradley, Murchison).

The annual Gladstone Cup hockey tournament this year developed into a three-cornered contest when the Buller team was unable to reach Murchison because of slips on the Buller Gorge road. The two-day tournament was won by Nelson.



The Nelson team. From back: P. Hippolite (umpire), M. Owen (coach), S. Hippolite, A. Holdaway, N. Lester, D. Woolf, N. Papps, B. Hamilton, P. Stale (manager). Front: M. McCarthy, A. Rollinson, P. Edwards, R. Kearns (captain), T. Hippolite, and A. Ferry.


Murchison. Back: A. Thomas (coach), D, James, K. Lane, J. Hocking, G. Grooby, G. Nalder, H. McCaa, J. Taylor, S. Bovey. Front: U. Foulsham, P. Thorne, S. Watson, T. Whitnall, L. McCaa.


Marlborough. Back: J. Christie, V. Adeane, P. Taylor, M. Campbell, M. Wratt, H. Woolley, J. Bottom (manager). Front: S. Ball, A. Thomas, C. Ferraby (captain), P. MacDonald, A. Thomas.