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Roving Camera


When Mr Lewis English failed to appear off the Wangapeka track at the expected time, the Search and Rescue Organisation set out to look for him. He was found by parties from Nelson and Karamea, alive and well. This picture shows a party on the frozen lake in the Wanganui Saddle. From left, Roger Eggers and Roger Thain (Karamea), Les Hogg (Nelson), George Eggers (leader of Karamea party), Constable Eric Bovey (Nelson) and Brian Eggers (Nelson). George Eggers and Eric Bovey celebrated their 57th and 31st birthdays respectively on the day Mr English was found. At right, Mr English with his dog is flanked by Roger and Brian Eggers. Both pics were taken by Max Curtis, leader of the Nelson party.


Every nurse should be equipped with a smile as radiant as that of Robyn Byers, at the Nelson Scottish Country Dance Club's fancy dress ball.


John R Sharp, Motueka
Motueka Jaycee members recently celebrated the 10th birthday of the chapter in Motueka.