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Only two of this group from the 10th Nelson Mounted Rifles who left with the Main Body for overseas in 1914, returned to New Zealand, They are Vince Davey {front row extreme left) and Jack Tomlinson (front row extreme right). Both were living in Nelson when this issue went to press. Others in the group weres Back, Sgt.Stewart, Lake Batchelor, Roy Arnold, Stan Berryman; front, Bob Mead, Jimmy Bates.


Everything but the kitchen sink is lashed on board this Bren carrier commanded by Captain H. H. North (now at Hope) in the Western Desert, That's Henry at the rear of the vehicle.


Ever seen this bloke before? Monty of Alamein, of course. The picture was shot at Alamein and supplied to us, with the one at left, by Henry North.
Stan Wilkinson still has quite a few pics of the two World Wars, but he hasn't seen anything yet or shots taken in Korea, or Malaya. We are also anxious to get some more of Second World War shots, taken in all theatres. Come on digs, start digging out those pics.