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The Nelson Photo News



Some Flood Reflections

(By the Editor . . . as the weather cleared)

The flood waters have receded; the work of restoration is well in hand and life in most parts of the stricken areas in Nelson has returned to normal. A good time to reflect on the floods, and matters arising from them. Firstly the Civil Defence organisation. A great job well done! No doubt members of the organisation know what short-comings there might have been and no doubt they will act upon any there were. Public apathy towards the organisation has changed. This is reflected in the report that the organisation has already acquired many new members. The only major problem the organisation failed to overcome in the initial stages of the emergency was the problem of sightseers. A very strict policy for the future will have to be formulated.

In the future, too, it is absolutely essential that approval of subdivisions by the Council should only be granted when the city engineer's office has inspected and approved them. This applies mainly to areas known to be prone to slipping or to serious flooding. There are a number of such areas within the city boundaries. People who have bought these sections in good faith are the eventual sufferers. They must be protected.