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News from Home

Here's a big surprise for some of the Nelson boys in Vietnam. Background to the story is a letter we received from Andy Miller, Richmond, now in Vietnam. Good to hear from you Andy. And here's something for all you blokes, some pix of your families at home. We realise these are only a few of the boys over there. We hope to scratch around and find the names of some more.

At Far Right Centre is Stf/Sgt Michael Millar, a widely-travelled serviceman, at Singapore when this was written. Michael is a son of Mr and Mrs Hal Millar (Right).


Recognise the family, Andy? Yep, that's mum and dad (Bob and Mary) and children Bruce, Charles and Margaret. Bill was up at Franz Josef when this was taken. That's Andy at Top Right.


One of the boys mentioned in Andy's letter was Lloyd Thomas, a son of Alan and Evelyn Thomas, The Glen (that's Lloyd just above the picture at Right). Lloyd is also in Vietnam. The family's looking well, Lloyd, Recognise them-Kevin, Ian, Sandra and wee Sharon, and of course, mum and dad? Many kind thoughts from Nelson, boys, and safe home.