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The Nelson Photo News



Roving Camera


The heavy rain which fell in Nelson earlier this month left some park areas inundated. This rugby field was still partly covered on the Saturday morning when a match was played on it. Undaunted (in fact thrilled at the prospect), the players charged through the water in pursuit of the leather.


LEFT-"Simon", the Siamese cat belonging to Mrs Gladys Vallance, Richmond, won six first prizes in seven classes in the recent Marlborough cat show. Simon is eight months old.


Bat happy are two of New Zealand's foremost-cricketers and captains, Bevan Congdon and Graham Dowling (right). They are having a little fun with miniature bats during a visit to Motueka of Dowling. Graham recently had the second finger of his left hand amputated. He broke this in Australia and it has troubled him ever since.