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At the airport to welcome Shirley Blyth back to Nelson after a three-and-a-half-year working holiday abroad were Anna and John Smith and their family. Shirley will be mother to the children while Anna is on a three-months' visit to her family in Meyel, South Holland. Shirley, a physiotherapist at Nelson Hospital before she left to go abroad, worked in South Africa, Rhodesia, some West African countries, the British Isles, and Norway and Sweden, while away. In the photograph are Veronica, Peter, Nigel and Anna Smith, Shirley, John, Mary-Therese and Philip Smith.


Members of the Taniwha Cub Pack said farewell to Mrs Shirley Walker, "akela" of the pack, earlier this month. Mr and Mrs Walker have shifted to Christchurch. At Right she is surrounded by her cubs.

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The District Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master, Manchester Unity Oddfellows, were installed by the New Zealand Grand Master recently. From left are Mr S. C. Gartner (Deputy), J. Simpson (Grand Master), Mrs Simpson, Mr F. J. Clark, (N.Z. Grand Master). (Rod Neill Studio)