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The Nelson Photo News



Trained Rams are Star Performers

Eight rams, trained for 12 months to do a particular job, proved star performers when they displayed their talents at Waimea College. The sheep, and Mr Godfrey Bowen, are to feature in special displays at Expo '70 in Japan. On stage also were the five contestants in the final of the "Top of the South" section of the Pastoral Queen contest (Above). They are Misses H. Wren (Nelson), the winner of the section, J. Craig (Gore, last year's contest winner), O. Mead (Murchison), C. Rodden (West Coast), R. Roberts (Flaxbourne) and C. Johnstone (Marlborough).


Mr Bowen told a big audience of children of the sheep, their training and the variety of breeds represented.


Mr Clyde Bryant, the trainer, feeds one of his charges with a tidbit


The children press forward for a closer look