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The Nelson Photo News



Roving Camera


Lieutenant Commander A.K.Griffith, Acting District Commissioner of Scouts, Nelson, receives the Scout Medal of Merit from Wing Commander S.O.Field, Chief Executive Commissioner for N.Z, at Scouts' annual meeting.


Not a rocket and its capsule being prepared for a shot into space, but a sawdust cyclone being installed at the factory of W.E. Wilkes Ltd, Richmond. Geoff Tuffnell took the pic.


During their visit to Nelson members of the French Rugby team attended Mass at the Manuka street Catholic Church where they heard a sermon in French from Father L. Carsenac, one of their countrymen, who is chaplain at Sunny-bank. Later some of them met Father Carsenac and Sisters Nicholas and Leon. Sister Leon, another compatriot, returned from France only in March. Here the manager, Mr M.Laurent chats with Father Carsenac.