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Nelson Challenge Fails

Thistle, this year's team to represent Nelson in the final of the South Island Chatham Cup match at Christchurch, lost by 6-2, but for a very long period held a 2-goal lead and seemed set for victory. Western, its opponents, however, came back too strongly in the last 20 minutes and scored six times. These pics were taken by Thistle coach, Wally Button.


Thistle goalie P.Carty clears while Bill White (3) and John Zerface (2) cover him. Thistle led 2-0 at this stage


D.Watson (second left) shoots past Smith, Western goalie, to give Thistle an early lead



Bob McBride (capt and centre forward) races towards Smith as the ball beats the Western goalie and into the net for a 2-nil lead


During Thistle pressure on goal, Western have five players covering. Rodger (6) has just headed ball while G.Button, W.Kenzie and R.McBride await developments.