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Roving Camera


Lone Pine, scene of some of the bloodiest hand-to-hand fighting during the Galiipoli campaign, will be perpetuated in a Lone Pine tree planted in the Marsden Valley cemetery earlier this month. The tree was grown from a seedling from this lone pine. In this photograph, Lieut-Colonel C.B.Brereton, patron of the Nelson Galiipoli Veterans' Association, plants the tree. Assisting him are Mr D.H. Leigh, superindendent of reserves, and Mr F.E.Oakes, president of the association.


Why is Charlie Haase looking so grim, you ask? Reason is that his grand-daughter, Yvonne Parkinson, is holding the only cup that Charlie didn't win in the bantam section of the chook show at Motueka. And Charlie would have liked that cup, for it was awarded to the best white Pekin in the show and Yvonne exhibited it. Now only 9 she has been showing birds since 4.