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Roving Camera


Where's the first place a cat will hike to when chased by a dog? Right. A tree. But at the home of Mr and Mrs Pat Tindle, 782 Atawhai Drive, a tree is no refuge for any cat who wanders on to the property. Clara, the Tindle's black spaniel sees to that. Clara is unusual in that she's just as at home in the trees as on the ground. And she's lightning fast. We managed to get this shot of her (left) before she tore into the middle of a macrocarpa hedge and traversed the length of it. She's amazing.


This fearsome chief is Donald Gill, prepared to meet invaders when "Captain Cook" came ashore at Atawhai.


These lovely colleens are all set for the Irish jigata recent competitions festival. From left, Rosemary Johnson, Carolyn Goodman, Helen Dwyer, Vaila Inkster, Helen Inkster, Joanne Beloe, Suzanne Craig, Laurel Welsford and Elizabeth Munro.