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The Nelson Photo News



Flooding Follows Waterless Winter

We've been saying all winter: "This can't last." And it didn't. With the approach of spring, the heavens opened and soaked Nelson and Golden Bays districts in drenching rain. It rained and it blew and it rained again. Lambs (nearly 1000 it was estimated) were lost in the Golden Bay district and low-lying areas were flooded. This was in very sharp contrast to the winter months when keen gardeners, with an eye to early spring vegetables and flowers, looked heavenwards and wondered when it was going to rain. And so, for a brief spell Nelson was lashed by gale-force winds and rain (2 ins were recorded in Nelson over one 24-hour period, and in the Golden Bay district 16.18 ins of rain fell in 15 days). When the storm warning went out, boat owners were quick to get down to the small boat harbour to see that all was well.


Amid the flotsum, two boys tend to their yacht in high winds and driving rain.


A section of the main highway at Wakefield was flooded for a time.



Ornamenting the front lawn of this home at Wakefield are plaster casts of swan and white heron. For the first time, probably, they had a proper setting when the street flooded and water covered the lawn.


Some of the country areas also suffered badly from an excess of water and an inadequate drainage system. Here, at Mapua, livestock found little dry land on which to forage for food.