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Beach Development

The first really meaty meeting of the Tahunanui Beach Development Committee disclosed that the committee is moving along the right lines, but that it is likely to be seriously embarrassed for finance to carry out its development projects. The major project at the moment, and a pressing one, is the replacement of the old canteen-dressing sheds, at left. These have been here since Adam was a boy--they've been patched up, refurbished with a coat of paint and made to look as tidy as they can under the circumstances. And the committee recognises that the old building should be replaced with a modern structure (or structures) to cater for a shop, tearooms, dressing facilities, sound shell, hall, surf club lookout, toilet facilities and a caretaker's flat. Only one problem--money. The Council is already committed to several big jobs and it looks very much as if this first development project is going to have to stand in the finance queue. Other developments at the beach include the new shower system built by Round Table in front of the canteen (below), the filling of a section of sand dunes with sawdust (eventually to be a parking and picnic area), below left, the provision of a metalled road past the skating rink (bottom).