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The Nelson Photo News



Then and Now

Nelson is changing so rapidly these days that we felt many of our readers, especially our older ones, would like to have a flash-back to Nelson as it used to be. So, in the next few issues, we will reprint some of the many photographs taken by the late Mr F. N. (Fred) Jones, very early in this century. We commence, then, with this picture above of the old Haven Road as it was in 1909 (October 20 to be exact). Below, of course, is Nelson, 1969, taken from a similar position.



The wharves at Port Nelson in 1906. The caption to this photograph stated that the port had just been improved considerably by cutting a new channel through the Boulder Bank.


The new Port Nelson. Not included in this picture is what is known as the original port which is still very similar in layout to that of our picture above.