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News from Home


A couple of months ago we received from ex-Nelsonian Jim Tichborne a picture of his "cull" pumpkins which, he said, •his old cobber in Nelson, Keith Taylor, would "dearly love to be able to grow". Well, Jim, it looks like Keith's not going to take that lying down. He's sent us this pic of his 27 lb cabbage with a small song just for you. It's sung to the tune of "Anything you can do, I can do better!" Trust you're enjoying life over in Aussie, Jim. Keith sends his regards and the offer to let you in on the secrets of successful cabbage growing.


Here's a breath of home for Ellis Hebberd, who's holding down a driving job in Sydney (right). Mum and dad (Percy and Anne, of 672 Main Road, Stoke), and budgie Peter send their love and best wishes for a happy birthday this month. Ellis is on a working holiday. He intends to work his way around Australia and then make a flying trip to Britain. He is a draftsman with the Lands and Survey Department in Nelson and is on a year's leave of absence.


And here's a small news item for Lieutenant Bob Upton, recently posted to Malaya. Dad has been in the news recently, Bob, but here we have your mother Joan and sister Diane sharing the spotlight with him. Bob is an old boy of Nelson College and a graduate of Duntroon Military College, Australia. Diane, an ex-pupil of Waimea College, is in her second year at Christchurch Teachers' College. Any more Nelsonians in Malaya, Bob? Tell them we'd like to hear (and preferably see) from them.