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The Nelson Photo News



Female Cupids

Cupid, they say, is hot stuff with a dart, but he hasn't got that all on his own. In Nelson, as in many parts of New Zealand, the ladies have taken up the sport of darts and they've become very expert. In Nelson the ladies have their own teams and competitions. We visited them one evening towards the close of the season to record these pix.

Pat Fraser and (right) Tui Anderson (Tuis) in action.


Andrea Small looks happy with her last throws.


The Diamonds team: Polly Hippolite, Pat Fraser, Jessie Kotua, Allison Edwards, Andrea Small and Josie Small.


Mona Francois lines up the board watched by Sandy Habib and Lorraine Schwass.


Some of the Prince Albert A team, Leonee Mahuika, Norma Iti and Stella Silke.