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Murchison News

(Photos: Alexa Sutherland)

Murchison Scouts carried out a mock rescue operation recently.

Above: The injured man is discovered and Scouts swoop in on him (top left), ease him on to a Makeshift stretcher and carry hia out post haste to the nearest medical centre (at right). Just a practice indoors, but the training these boys are getting could well be put to the test one day.


Well-known Murchison personality Dave Oxnam (right) with his nephew, Dr Desmond Oxnam, lecturer in economics at the Perth University. Dr Oxnam was paying a short visit to Murchison recently.


Some of the members of the Murchison Women's Institute at a recent meeting. Left front: Mrs T. Gould, Winnie Thompson and Marj Hutchinson and, at back, Lola Thomas and May Woodcock.