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Play With A Moral

"The Boy Who Wouldn't Play Jesus", this year's production by pupils of Nayland College, packed a very hefty moral-issue punch. The play was really a play within a play. The main problem arises when the boy who is to play the part of Jesus refuses to perform since he believes the play false. The moral issue of the starving millions is brought to the forefront very early in the piece, and this thereafter constitutes the main theme. The climax was a descent upon the audience by the cast for a collection for the starving (on the second night this raised $8). A very good show. Left: Mark Whelan, the boy who wouldn't play, soliloquises on the painting of a starving child found on the back of some scenery. Below: Producer Mr Frank Hoyle makes a point.

Left: Can Can gals ready for their entrance, and, at bottom right during their performance of the electronic can can dance. The girls are Jillian Richmond, Ruth Toomer and Wendy Burroughs.


Bottom left: Jaqui Allan does the honours for a member of the cast, as does Jannet Sigglekow for Terry Brydon (bottom centre).


The cast on stage.


Gymnasts April Buckingham and Shelley Black demonstrate their ability.


Getting on with their make-up are Sharon Rigby and Sandra Wyllie.


Christopher Holland awaits instructions.