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The Nelson Photo News



Sky Divers Over Nelson

The Nelson public was offered something a little different in entertainment late last month when members of the Nelson Parachute Club augmented by several air force personnel from Wood-bourne made 48 jumps. The men were publicising the club. We joined them on Sunday morning at a time when most were taking a very careful interest in the packing of their chutes. Left: Bob Denton and Terry Delany pack Bob's 'chute and, below, Harvey Hutchison stows his lines with special care. Making his 600th drop during the day was Frank Fesche (right). His movie camera, attached to his helmet, has given him some tremendous movies of drops. Ready for the air (above) are Harvey Hutchinson, Bob Denton, Frank Fesche, Barry Miller and Pete Williamson. Bottom right: Frank comes in for his 600th landing.