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Trafalgar Street Mall

A sketch plan of a possible pedestrian area established in the upper section of Trafalgar St to the Church Steps came before the Nelson City Council at a recent meeting. No decision has been made on the suggestion, but the Council is keen to receive the reactions of citizens and businessmen to the proposal. We reproduce here the sketch (left) showing the proposed layout of the mall and (above) a vertical shot of the layout. The mall would incorporate grassed areas, a day nursery at which shopper's children could be cared for under supervision, an outdoor cafe, seating, a small fountain and an area by the steps suitable for outdoor theatre production. An estimate of the cost of converting this section of the street was made at $12,000.

Our initial reaction to the suggestion was, and still is, enthusiasm. It is a progressive plan and one which should do much to enhance the heart of Nelson's commercial area. But is it going far enough? We discuss this on the next page.