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The Nelson Photo News



W.D.F.F. 25th Birthday

Members of the Motupipi branch of the W.D.F.F. travelled to Nelson earlier this month to help the Nelson W.D.F.F. celebrate its 25th birthday. During afternoon tea, Motupipi vice-president, Mrs G. Nalder (top centre) lit the candles on the cake, Mrs M.Kerr (Motupipi secretary) blew them out (above), and Mesdames Florence Wells (88) and Emma Davidson (92), both Nelson members, cut the cake (top left). Among the items given was one by this gypsy group: Nell Charleton, Roma Brabant, Mona Smith, Win Hay, Maria Denia, Molly Wood (piano) Elizabeth Lublow and Zoe Comparini.


Ready to return home to Motupipi (and some ex-Motupipi members).


Mrs Dorothy Jamieson, formerly of Farewell Spit lighthouse, who was visiting Nelson, with Miss Nita Smith (Motupipi) a childhood friend.


Thelma Leahy (Nelson), centre, and two Motupipi visitors, Thelma Packard and Elva Kerr.