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Snooker Tourney

An R.S.A. snooker team emerged victorious after a very fierce encounter with a City Club team, when the two clubs met for the first tine to compete for a new trophy given by City Club manager, Les Jones. Games were tied at the end of the tournament, but No 1 players played off and R.S.A, won, At left, donor Les Jones holds the trophy while team captains Laurie D'Eganneh (City) and George Wells prepare for battle. The R.S.A. team comprises the first two pictures below, and the City team the bottom two. First row below: Frank Newman, Allan Smith, Fred Wilkinson, Henry O'Connell, Reg Collins, Greg Piesse, Second row: Fred Potton, George Wells, Tom Quintrell, Ken McKenzie, Jim Miller, Keith Highet. Third row (City): Don Thomas, Charlie Goldie, Ron Coomer, Gordon Smith, Ken Shalders, Syd Aydon, Bottom row: Tony Richards, Ray Carson, Joe Fowke, Jack Harris, Bill Vercoe and Laurie D'Eganneh.