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The Nelson Photo News



Roving Camera


The final "Poppy Day" job, counting the collection. In this case it's being done in the A.N.Z. Bank, and doing the job are bank staff Philip Montgomery (left), Lynne Ferguson and Sid Garguilo (right) and R.S.A. committeeman Norm Ingerson and treasurer, Keith Highet (middle).


The gallant little Joy Maree which carried seven fishermen to safety from the maelstrom which was the South Pacific during the recent trip from the Chatham Islands to Nelson. Two of the larger trawlers of the convoy, the Golden Joy and the Golden Dawn, also of Nelson, were lost during the battle against 60ft waves, but the smallest of the little fleet, the Joy Maree, took the survivors on board and brought them home. One member of the Golden Joy's crew, Mr E. W. Newenham, was lost when the trawler capsized.