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Road Test Renault 1100

This is a pleasant little car to drive but my pleasure in driving it was spoilt by its noticeable tendency to wander in a cross wind. This is a peculiarity of many rear-engine cars. On this occasion the capacious boot at the front of the car was empty. A little more weight in this compartment might have made a big difference to its stability in these windy conditions. An impressive feature of the Renault, however, was its quiet running. This is unusual in a car with a rear mounted engine. The 1108 cc engine is a nippy little power unit and the engine compartment has been designed for very easy accessibility and consequently lower maintenance costs. The transmission itself is good, but its gear lever is a little too flexible and, I found, not very well positioned for the driver. The vehicle has a tendency to. oversteer (again typical of most rear-engine cars), but this could be overcome with the fitting of radial tyres - an optional extra. The four-wheel disc brakes were excellent. The individual front seats are very comfortable, yet firm, and the whole interior is well finished. There is adequate leg room for rear-seat passengers and visibility all round is also excellent. The.heating and ventilation system is very efficient (so much so that the demist-ers for the windscreen are almost sufficient to heat the whole car). The front luggage compartment is a big one and easily accessible (left). One of the car's most notable features is the spare tyre compartment in a special locker under the front compartment (above). This, in the event of an accident, would be a very efficient buffer and an excellent safety feature. Agents: Ian McConchie Motors, Nelson. Price: $2560. No overseas funds required.


John Wells, our "Road Test" writer, is an A grade mechanic and a principal of the newly-established firm of Roy Watson Ltd., St.Vincent Street. He has had 15 years in the trade and is a committee member of the Nelson Car Club.