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Road Test

The most impressive feature of the new Zephyr V6 3 litre is its remarkable top gear performance, whether at 15 miles an hour or at highway cruising. The latest model, with a bigger capacity engine, provides ample power for highway cruising and is very much quieter than the first model. Its road-holding capabilities are also impressive. It feels a very safe car to drive, with an emphasis on understeering - possibly due to the cross ply tyres with which the car we tested was fitted. The fitting of radial tyres, an optional extra, would give more neutral steering and would improve the car's road-holding capabilities even more. The car's independent suspension on all four wheels, and its trailing link assembly at the rear, gives an excellent, smooth ride, and its four-wheel, servo-assisted disc brakes are a great safety feature. Only a light pedal pressure is required to bring the system into operation. For a steering column gear change, the change is remarkably positive. It has a four-speed gearbox, fully symchro-mesh.

The interior of the car is big and roomy, with more than ample leg room both front and rear. The trim and finish, both inside and out, is good, and the almost luxurious upholstery, padded doors and inset door handles are features of the interior.

Unusual features of the car include the location of the spare tyre in front of the engine (below left) for easy access and the steering column with a height adjustment to suit individual tastes. (below) Hills were flattened by its top-gear power. My only dislike is the rather long bonnet-line of the car, which could create problems with parking until the motorist gets used to its size.

Agents: M. S. Motors. Price: $3194.

Zephyr V6 3 Litre


John Wells, our "Road Test" writer, is an A grade mechanic and a principal of the newly-established firm of Roy Watson Ltd., St. Vincent Street. He has had 15 years in the trade and is a committee member of the Nelson Car Club.