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The Gisborne Photo News



community photo magazine
Published by: Gisborne Photo News & Art Services Ltd. P.O.Box: 2010, GISBORNE Office: Corner of Gladstone Rd & Grey St.
Proud to promote Gisborne, its People and Business
On speaking to a young Gisborne couple who were visiting home from their European "experience" (she works in London, he does contract building in Germany), I discovered some of the enthusiasm they had when they received a Photo News from home. And why shouldn't they. A Photo News is like a time capsule specifically prepared for a future generation to enjoy. Time capsules are buried for yonks to be exhumed on a predetermined date while the good old Photo News sits on coffee tables, on a shelf or in a box for 40 years and longer. It's a strong will that resists the urge to pick one up and do a little nostalgia. Rarely is there an issue where you don't know anyone who is featured. As surely as night follows the day sooner or later you will see someone who has featured in the flesh. I take pride in walking down Gladstone Road taking about 5 conversations longer than I really should. Conversations about what is coming up and what has past. It's weird that my daily work involves taking photos to keep up with the present while I'm also writing about the past. To me Vol 31 was about the months of February and March while Vol 32 (this one) covers the happenings of April and half of May. I find it incredible that a magazine that is unique to this area requires a current date to be interesting enough to buy. When you pick up a Photo News and explore the contents, all the articles are dated. With hindsight things are seen in a new light. You begin to notice that things have changed. Imperceptible changes in our daily lives. The old Roebuck Road Lights that were always red. They're gone. In their place is a nifty roundabout and more are coming. Did you see the oil rig at Patutahi? Have a look across the river at Weddel Kaiti. Have you driven down Pacific Street lately? How about Waikirikiri Park on Saturday mornings. Wainui now has a soccer field and changing sheds. Changes. We take them for granted - Photo News captures them for posterity.
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