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lain Gillies (left) at 60 never refuses an opportunity to play soccer, lain joined Eastern Union in 1959 and played his last National League game when he was 37 (1972) He regularly turns out for Campion Celtic (this year) where his son John "JD" Gillies (right) has chosen to play after an inspired career in the National League. Since retiring from the Gisborne City 1 st team this will be JD's first season in a local league since 1976. lain Patrick Gillies (centre), grandson of lain and nephew of JD, is the 15 year old Campion Celtic goalkeeper competing in the Eastern League. 3 generations in the same team.


The Surf City Rock 'N' Roll Club competed at the Top Half Fun Challenge held in Whangerei. Of the 11 teams competing, from Taupo to Whangerei, the Gisborne team were 2nd overall in a very closely fought competition. They also have the distinction of being the only team to have competed in this annual event every year since the competition began 7 years ago.


The BEDPUSH began in Stout Street with a police escort and a back-up van protecting their rear the volunteers rattled down Gladstone Road accompanied by the Town Crier. 89FM were super supportive providing the patient and some helpers for the Bedpush. Altogether $617.75 was raised for Palliative Care. If you see them next year be supportive and give them lots of money and praise for what they do.


Gisborne's Surf City Rock 'N' Roll Club's Top Half Fun Challenge Team: Daryll Watson, Donna Hill, Alex Hills, Wendy Cossgrove, Shirley Hills, Bruce Cossgrove, Murray Broadmore, Carol Sanders and Kevin Durston. Inset: Sarah Edwards from the Gracelands Rock "N' Roll Club (Morrinsville)


Those who took part in the Bedpush: Lesley Askin, Constable Jim Broome, Rotaract President Glen McCulloch, Frances Cooper, Shelley Honig, Richard Gilbert, Erin Askin, Andy Searle, Willie Plummer, Tim Homer, Caleb Hambling, Elizabeth Geuze and Gisborne's Town Crier John Kibble.



As a part of The Professionals "Paint the Town Red" charity collection day in support of the Child Cancer Foundation the Ball & Crawshaw team organised a Corporate Breakfast at Pete's on the Beach. Guest Speaker was Dr Rajen Prasad the Race Relations Conciliator.


The Maternity Staff at Gisborne Hospital now have a new image. Previously their uniforms were those white smocks with red accessories. They have been replaced by colourful Teal Polo tops with navy blue culottes, skirts, shorts or slacks because they considered the white uniforms to be impractical. As there is no longer a risk of infection it was felt that an image update was long overdue. The new uniform carries the C.H.E. Logo and identification of the occupation of the staff.


Brian Shields (left), Annette Deacon, Tony Harvie, Bill Fitzgerald, Wendy Reeves, Peter Mclntyre, Brian Crawshaw, Richard Crawshaw, Dr Rajen Prasad, Peter Baker, Sara Eriksen, Vaughan Neil, Peter Morice, Trevor Westrupp and Henare Porou.


Some of the staff are Barbara Reid (left), Lani Swann, Kerry Thompson, Jillian Mitchinson, Faith Stevens, Theresa Shivnan, Annette Garvey and Judy Murphy.