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The Gisborne Photo News



Coca Cola Crossword

All correctly completed crosswords opened at our office after midday, 10th May 1996, will be in the draw to win a Coca Cola Sports Bag valued at $50. The draw will take place in front of an independent witness. Winners will be notified in the following issue of the Gisborne Photo News. Prizes are not transferable. The judges decision will be final. See page 38 for last months luckywinner.


1. Local peninsular.

4. Gisborne bridge, William ------

9. Recount events.

10. Bees and wasps do this.

11. Our office is in this street.

12. Prepare the soil for planting.

13. For example (abbr.)

14. Fortified villages.

16. Prestige (Maori)

18. Midday.

20. Means "stop" at lights.

22. Furrow in road.

23. Revenge (Maori)

24. At one time in the past.

27. Maori bass, Inia Te -----

29. Prospered.

30. Highest point.

31. Thin silk or nylon net.


1. Supervise, control.

2. A hoofed quadrupled.

3. Partly open.

5. Name of our tourist region.

6. The parson bird (or honey eater)

7. Hire staff.

8. Birds build these.

14. Settlement on the Flats.

15. Depart.

17. Section of a play.

19. Complains angrily.

20. Smallest of a pig's litter (pl.)

21. Sewing implement.

25. Gisborne grows this type of orange.

26. Tiny particles, or courage.

28. A limb, or to prepare for war.


The correct answers to the crossword featured in the January issue of the Gisborne Photo News.