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The Gisborne Photo News




Sunday 2nd June at the Sandown Park Hotel 6pm onwards, Meal - 8pm. RSVP 30th April.

JUDY HIGGING 06 862 5500 - CHRIS KOIA 06 868 9912 - SUE COOTE 06 863 0288 - DENIS TE AHO 06 867 1967


This photograph was 1st published in the Gisborne Herald, September, 1964 when the motorcyclists occupied 25 parking meter spaces in Gladstone as a protest against being "moved on" from the Woolworths (now Deka) corner. They were part of a "hard core" of 20 bikies in Gisborne from 1964 to 68 - "the chosen few." Every Friday night they were told to "move on". George Williams,Stuart Taylor,Lennie Wanoa,Wayne Greaves,Billy Moore,Ted Payne,Ricky Findson,Merlin Greening,Ian Findson,Warren Higgins,Toni Coote,Tony Jackson,Colin Taylor,Podge Gibson,Ashley Scott,Maurice Flood,Tony Te Runa and Mike Beale are some of the young people who were there.