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The Gisborne Photo News



community photo magazine
Published by: Gisborne Photo News & Art Services Ltd. P.O.Box: 2010, GISBORNE Office: Corner of Gladstone Rd & Grey St.
Proud to promote Gisborne, its People and Business
January 1996 could be remembered for the live broadcasts on the television news of an imminent disaster as a cyclone built. True we experienced high winds and lashings of rain from the easterly quarter. This storm was labelled locally as Cyclone Clayton - the cyclone your having while not having a cyclone. Despite the terrorising media reports of impending doom the windsurfers revelled in the abundance of wind making the Pultron 2000 competition a good test of skills and equipment. So much for the storm. January 1996 is a milestone in the journey of the Gisborne Photo News. Three years ago we set out to compile our first magazine. What was once a goal is now not only a memory but a part of the history of the Gisborne District. It was our first tangible step towards this our 30th edition. We take pleasure in introducing Uncle Wal with his Inside & Out column. Plus we include a crossword with a Gisborne flavour. Plus we include a couple of competitions to spice up your interest levels. We encourage you to read and reread each Photo News to ensure you don't miss any of the information we have gleaned. We encourage you to write and inform us how you feel about our community based magazine. Imagine the fun we have galavanting around all the functions, gathering all the information that you just cant hear without being there. Our greatest regret is that time and space prevented us from attending and covering all of the functions and events put on during the Christmas Holidays. Fortunately Gisborne had the Sun Fun Company, with their special style, involving the youngsters wherever they went ensuring parents of quality entertainment nearly every day. Now it's on with summer. What do you think ... T shirts and jandalls until June.
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