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The Gisborne Photo News



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Enjoyment of music and the chance to perform in public led a very accomplished group to busk to the Saturday shoppers in Treble Court with their orchestral & light classics, jazz pieces and chamber music. Originally a string quartet they are now available as a chamber ensemble.


Housing New Zealand publish a quarterly newsletter - Housing News - to their tenants to inform of changes, or issues of importance plus news within the Housing N Z's tenants community. An opportunity to win a microwave oven was given to readers by entering a competition. The lucky winner in this region was Tui Wilcox who filled out the coupon correctly.


One of the main attractions to Gisborne are the beaches. Some are within easy walking distance from the centre of the city. Beach patrols will operate throughout the summer. At Midway Beach 60 trained lifeguards have volunteered 700 hours to patrols over the summer on Saturdays and Sundays. The volunteers will be wearing gear supplied by Blitz Surfwear with screen printing extras by Escape Screen Printers.


Grace Notes are: Richard Flyger (left) - 1st violin & group leader, Susan McVey - flutist, Anna Holloway - 2nd violin, Anna-Marie Fenn - Viola and Heather Irons - cellist


A very pleased Tui Wilcox who has been a HNZ tenant for 23 years received her microwave oven from HNZ Customer Liaison Officer Jim Whitehead (centre) and HNZ Neighbourhood General Manager Michael Thomson.


4 of the 60 Midway Surf Life-saving Club's volunteers who will be ensuring safety on Midway Beach this year are: Nadine Jones, Sara Walker, Jamie Babbington and Shaun Norris.



This photo of Gisbornites: Dion Cordiner (left), Sonia Smith, David Miller, Wayne Lamont, Vaughan Higgins and Yvonne Lamont with Blake Henry (front left), Sue Miller, Leanne (standing) & Helene (seated) - both from Hawke's Bay, and Kath Cordiner was taken in October when they visited the Munich Beer Festival. They were able to pitch their tents within the Festival confines and stayed a blissful week. It is duly recorded that Sue and Yvonne were the 1st to be served a beer at the 1995 Festival. The Cordiners are now working in London while the Millers and Lamonts are working in Scotland.


TVRO ( TV Receive Only) A system designed to receive micro wave signals from geo stationary satellites using a dish designed to track from one satellite to another. Analogue or digital reception decoders are available with a 3m (minimum) or 3.8m dish giving a choice of satellites and programmes. The potential is enormous.


PAC SAT is a satellite receiving cable TV system. The main dish, situated on the Wheatstone Rd telecommunications site, is fixed on the satellite. 630mm cellsite dishes feed cables (above or below ground) to the television set. PAC SAT Cable TV brings a News channel, a Discovery channel, Music Zone & Country Music television for 24hr music 7 days a week in full Nicam Sterio.


Basil Davoren beside his 3.8m dish. Education, News, Sport & Entertainment. Neighbourhood cable systems are optional.


Ross Stokes Director of PAC SAT & his main dish.