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The Gisborne Photo News




This Cobham School Taiaha group (right) were the 1st in recent years to travel and perform in a traditional manner. The pupils of the Waimata Valley School benefited as did the entertainers from this cultural experience. It was an opportunity to demonstrate their skills which they have practised throughout the year with Dave Ahu, their tutor. We caught up with the Taiaha group on the Waimata River preparing to launch the waka.


Riki Morete (left), Stevie Brown, Michael Pari, Darryl Nepe, Greg Broughton and Raymond Heta haul the waka to the water as a team.


The Taiaha Group. Back: Michael Pari (left), Stevie Brown, Riki Morete, Toby Ratapu and Raymond Heta. Front: Tyler Broughton (left), Tamati Williams, Darryl Nepe, Greg Broughton and Wiremu Brass.


Dave Ahu (right) has given of his heritage to the young of the district. His guidance has encouraged more and more to join the Maurakau (above).