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Cyclone Marilyn blew its way from the Caribbean across the West Indies into the Atlantic Ocean leaving behind a trail of utter devastation. Not only was there material damage but a great deal of social disorder too. Looters strolled through the wreckage filling supermarket trolleys with anything that caught their eye. They took advantage of the breakdown of their normal community life. Those who were prepared, who had set up contingency plans in case of emergencies, most probably were in action before the storm struck, helping others to batten down the hatches, etc. Fortunately we in Gisborne have learnt a great deal about survival from the Cyclone Bola experience. It is no accident that Gisborne has an excellent Civil Defence network, supported by all the Emergency Services (as found on pages 2 & 3 of the latest Telephone Directory). A "she'll be right" attitude would need propping up should nature throw a little wobbly. Mount Ruaphehu is currently giving a spectacular display of volitile volcanic energy and could present some serious fallout problems of dust and ash to downwind communities. With this in mind I praise the thoughtful people in our community who plan for the future. Each citizen, of voting age, will soon have the opportunity to act in a positive and caring way by taking notice of the issues being raised by candidates wishing to represent us on Council. When elected councillors will be making decisions that effect our community now and well into the future. Councillors should reflect the wishes of the majority of our community. Each and every voter should exercise their privilege and vote at election time. Special votes are available if necessary. A 100% voting rate is essential. Have your say, vote on election day.
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