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The Gisborne Photo News



community photo magazine
PUBLISHED BY: Gisborne Photo News & Art Services Ltd. P.O.BOX: 2010, GISBORNE OFFICE: Corner of Gladstone Rd & Grey St.
Proud to promote Gisborne, its People and Business
As the buds are appearing on the fruit trees I am reminded what a great place this is to live, work and play. Considering that winter is that cold period of three or so months where most people in New Zealand are prepared for long miserable days of rain, snow or sleet with a good dose of chilling Antarctic wind to "ice the cake." We here in Gisborne are very fortunate. I no longer own a raincoat, nor gumboots, as when they fell apart they were never replaced. The elements can throw up some foul weather which seems to drive us into the warmth of our homes, where we have made a climatic environment adequate for our needs. When the outside conditions don't suit me I find all those inside jobs that need to be done as I've been too busy to do. Reading, a favourite pastime, is often the last of my indulgences, as reading goes last on a list that includes, repairing broken things, finding lost things, refreshing my survival kit - checking expiry dates, etc. Unfortunately, for me, I live with the photos and stories that Photo News contains so I don't get the pleasure of sitting down for a good catch up on who's who, doing whatever. But I do take pleasure in showing my out of town visitors back copies and listening to their comments and answering the questions that seem to evolve from looking deeply at the people in the background of a lot of the photos. However, usually within hours, the weather changes for the better and it's back to the balmy Gisborne winter once again. Back to participating in those interesting things that people are doing as we live, work and play in Gisborne.
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