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The Gisborne Photo News



community photo magazine
Published by: Gisborne Photo News & Art Services Ltd. P.O.Box: 2010, GISBORNE Office: Corner of Gladstone Rd & Grey St.
Proud to promote Gisborne, its People and Business
Gisborne was recently reported to have experienced the most cloudy month of April on record and it is certainly true that we haven't had the drought that was shaping up at Christmas time. Despite the clouds and the rain the community has been busy hosting visitors and driving into the winter sports season with enthusiastic vigor. Gisborne Photo News has been out there too, looking to capture a photographic record of people who are doing those things that makes Gisborne's lifestyle what it is. The Peel Street Anzac Day muster was shrouded by an eerie mist which seemed appropriate to the occasion. This was contrasted by the fog lifting as the parade assembled at the Cenotaph as though it was the dawning of a new era of peace. My apologies to the lady who I almost backed into as she was laying a wreath. It was a moment when the photographer, who is supposed to be the invisible person, intrudes into the ceremony. Thankfully we were able to get on with our missions. It is a great opportunity to be invited to so many events andis amazing that at every function I attend I am treated as though I'm the guest of honour. It is good to know there is a spirit in the community which is tolerant, courteous and patient.
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