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The Gisborne Photo News



$80,000 TUNA

Caught on a surface long line, set by the Sante Maru 18 out of Auckland, this 327kg Northern Bluefin Tuna was handled expertly by Sanfords and exported to Japan where it fetched an amazing $80,000 at auction. The battle took 4½ hours by fishermen working as a team to hand haul the fish aboard. It was immediately immersed in an ice filled container to preserve the flesh from deteroration after such a long struggle. The tuna was landed at Port Gisborne where it was transferred to a truck and spirited off to Auckland for a 1st class trip to the Japanese markets.


Jason Corlett is pictured with his skipper Duncan Thomson. Jason is from Hicks Bay and his family have a long association with fishing in this area. Duncan comes from Nelson and confirms that getting his Coastal Masters Ticket was a worthwhile achievement.


Our photo shows the fish being transferred from the Sante Maru 18 to the truck.